Ronnie Brown Back For More with the Texans

Ronnie Brown Back For More with the Texans

In less than 48 hours, Ronnie Brown was placed on a crash course to learn the Texans offense.

The Houston Texans have shown since training camp started that they are not afraid to make roster moves to fit their team needs. If a player is not performing to expectations, they are being released at a quicker rate than what was normally seen over the past few seasons with the organization.

After a poor performance by the running backs in the first preseason game and some question marks with the depth chart in that position group, the Texans turned to 10 year NFL veteran Ronnie Brown to provide some depth during the preseason.

It took little time for the Texans to get Brown acclimated to the team and he received a crash course on his first day on the field.

“It feels good being back on the field getting work. Obviously, a lot different than working out at home and trying to get in football shape, and this Houston humidity. But it felt good to get back out and get moving.” Brown said.

Brown mentioned he feels ready for the long haul with the Texans. “As far as the season and health-wise, I feel pretty good.”

It has been a total of two days that Brown had an idea that the Texans had interest in him. He went from a private workout, to signing a contract, to being the feature back in goal line situations in less than 48 hours. Brown took what has happened in stride,

“Yeah, you know, working out yesterday and coming out and putting full pads on and going, I’m sure I’ll be a little sore tomorrow but that is a part of it. That is what you look forward to and go ahead and get it over with. Get the soreness in and out.”

The Texans running backs are green and it showed in the first preseason game with some pass protection busts that left the quarterbacks in some tough situations, most noticeably one that left rookie quarterback Tom Savage with his bell rung late in the 4th quarter. By adding Brown, they get a seasoned veteran who has worked in multiple offenses with the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles and San Diego Chargers. Brown feels those years will help his transition to help the Texans offense,

“I’m familiar with it. Like I said, the terminology is a little different. As far as the skillset and some of the zone plays and the running schemes, I’m familiar with a lot of that stuff. Then the passing game, it is just the different calls but it is something that I’ve done. I’ve been in a few offenses so luckily I’ve seen a lot of stuff and I think I’ll be able to grasp that quickly.”

There is some high mileage on his football body with 1,261 career carries but Brown appears to be in good physical shape despite not being on a team since the end of the 2013 season. Brown doesn’t look at how many more seasons he has left in the NFL, but wants to concentrate on what is in front of him in Houston.

“I think you have to take it one year at a time, especially being in this situation, you know, going into my 10th season. Physically, I feel good but you know at the same time in this game that can change pretty quick. You never know.” Recommended Stories

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