Three Players Cut By Texans

Three Players Cut By Texans

With three less players now on the roster, does this mean the Texans will trade the #1 draft pick for more chances in the draft, or could Vince Young play two roles in the new Texans offense?

            Yesterday it was announced that the Houston Texans waived on several players from last season.  Those included were QB Tony Banks (6' 4", 229 lbs.), FS Marcus Coleman (6' 2", 206 lbs.), and RB Tony Hollings (5' 10", 218 lbs.).  The details of any reasons these players were passed on was not made clear by a press release provided by the Texans.  The Texans currently maintains an active roster of 46 players.

            Tony Banks, backup quarterback for David Carr, has a total of 11 years pro football experience with the St. Louis Rams (1996-1998), the Baltimore Ravens (1999 – 2000), the Washington Redskins (2001), and the Houston Texans (2002 – 2005).  In his last season with the Texans, Banks played in just 3 games.  His season consisted of only 2 attempts for a total of -2 yards.  During his 4 year stint in Houston, Banks participated in 15 games and tallied 15 net yards.

            Marcus Coleman also has a total of 11 years of experience in the NFL with the NY Jets (1996 – 2001) and the Houston Texans (2002 – 2005).  Coleman didn't have a bad season with the Texans, so the reasoning behind the decision to waive on him could not be interpreted.  Coleman has done well for the Texans during his 4 seasons in Houston, including forcing 6 fumbles and only missing 4 games.  Coleman also averaged 51.5 tackles per season while with the Texans, but was benched after missing a pre-game meeting during last season.

            Tony Hollings played all 3 of his professional seasons with the Texans (2003 – 2005) and participated in a total of 23 games gaining 149 yards in 49 attempts.  A young player out of Georgia Tech, Hollings could use some more experience but shows potential in the backfield.

            With the holes left by Banks and Coleman, the Texans must have someone in mind to start filling those gaps.   The Texans, like other NFL teams, have been at the scouting combine in Indianapolis eyeing the displays of potential draft picks.  Beginning today the scouts will be on the road checking out college players who did not attend this year's combine.  Additionally the Texans are evaluating the possibility of trading their valuable first round draft pick to another team, provided they are able to give the Texans something they can work with.

            David Carr and Dave Ragone are now the only quarterbacks on the Texans active roster.  Could this be a hint that the Texans may in fact now be considering the versatility that could be offered by the National Champion University of Texas QB Vince Young?  Young could definitely fill either role left vacant by Banks or by Hollings.  But with Carr being granted a contract extension, it is unlikely that Young would be drafted primarily for his skills at the quarterback position.  It could be that adding Young to the roster as an alternate RB behind Domanick Davis would give the offense some certain depth with his ability to throw the ball accurately.

            This could also lead to speculation this is a precursor to the Texans trading their number one pick to gain additional draft picks.  The number one pick is this years draft is a hot commodity considering such high impact players being available, such as Young, Reggie Bush, and Matt Leinart. Recommended Stories

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