The Bull Horn

The Bull Horn

Yeah, the Texans are 2-0 in preseason. And yeah, as a Texans fan I can say that I'm proud of that!

As a fan that follows the National Football League, I can say that I understand that preseason games are meant to assess and determine depth and skill as well as cooperation and teamwork.  I recognize that preseason is also intended to give coaches a better look at how a player will potentially perform in a live game NFL environment.  Of course, this also presents fans a chance to see how draft picks look, or maybe how that new veteran acquisition is going to up the intensity on the team.

And so, as a fan that follows the National Football League, I can say that I understand that winning preseason games doesn't immediately translate to winning games during the regular season. 

But as a fan that follows the Houston Texans, I'm ecstatic on the inside to see how well the Texans are performing so far.

The Texans are coming off the rockiest season in franchise history, a 2-14 record that was the worst in the NFL.  Maybe that is what makes the light that is starting to glimmer in the distant end of the proverbial tunnel seem just that much warmer.  But it sure is nice to see the Texans record say 2-0-0, even if it is during preseason.

Not everyone will agree with me on this, but I believe the Texans may have had potentially the best offseason possible in preparing for the 2006 season.  They made some shocking moves that seemed very strange at the time, but given the chance to adjust and recover, I think all true Texans fans will come around and recognize the potential the team has for the future now.

Mario Williams showed his potential during the game against the Rams.  Anyone that can cause that much influence on an offensive line is just what the Texans need.  In fact, the Texans D-Line is looking better and better each game.  DE Antwan Peek had two sacks against the Rams, and the defense as a whole has eight sacks in the past two games.

The Texans also may have gotten a steal in the 6th round of the draft with RB Wali Lundy.  Lundy has put together 99 yards with 16 carries, including a touchdown, during his first two live contests.  With the performance that Vernand Morency put on for Texans fans yesterday, the depth at running back looks really good on paper.  Morency went 95 yards in 11 carries, including two touchdowns, against the Rams.

The Texans have some surprises and confirmations going on the defensive side of the ball.  Rookie LB DeMeco Ryans has proven to be what Texans fans expected him to be, maybe even better.  With 7 tackles to lead the team last night, veteran CB Dexter McCleon showed some flashes of the past that the Texans need right now.

So, look here, rest of the NFL.  Stand up, pay attention, and give us our due.  Because we're the Texans, and we ain't that team you remember from last year. Recommended Stories

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