Texans Locker Room Quotes

Texans Locker Room Quotes

Hear from some of the Texans players as they talk about facing the Washington Redskins at home this week.

TE Mark Bruener

(on catching his first TD as a Texans at Indianapolis)
"It feels good to get back in the endzone, however (it was) too little, too late. You wish it was a game deciding touchdown instead of one that got us some points in a game that was out of control at that point."

(on how the offense can start faster)
"Execute, not make mistakes. Really, understand that the first part of the game, the first plays, is crucial to set the tone for the game. We have had some opportunities, and we haven't done all that well with them. I really think we're going to get off to a better start, and I think that's what's going to help us play better because that is something we definitely need."

CB C.C. Brown

(on Washington's receivers)
"They probably have the best receiving corps in the league. They have plenty of talent across the board. They have every type of receiver that you would want, but the best thing for us is to go out there and do it, try and lock them down."

(on whether he is surprised to see Washington at 0-2)
"It's shocking to everybody, but we hope they don't get it together when it comes down to playing us."

(on the disappointment of being 0-2)
"It's very disappointing. The only think we can do it just go out there and try to make sure we win instead of them."

(on what he feels went wrong at Indianapolis)
"It wasn't about them making big plays; it was about us letting them get big plays, us not doing the correct technique for us to stop them."

QB David Carr

(on the Washington defense)
"A real good defense, they can be very aggressive. Their linebacking corps is good. They've got a good scheme too. They have some different looks that we just walked though for about 45 minutes to an hour, so that we make sure we're ready for them."

(on what he thinks will help get the offense started faster)
"I say it every week, but running the ball. Keep running the ball. That helps our game. That helps our play-action passing game. That helps the offensive line stay out of obvious passing situations. If we have time to throw our guys are going to make plays outside; that is not the problem. It's all going to come down to the running game and being able to help the offensive line out to where the defensive line and secondary can't just pin their ears back and come after us. So that's going to help."

(on how new RBs Ron Dayne and Samkon Gado did on Sunday)
"They did well. They did a good job in pass protection. They studied real hard. They were only here for a couple days, but I though both of those guys did really well."

(on whether he is looking forward to facing an 0-2 Washington team)
"Well, we're 0-2 too, so they're probably doing the same thing. This is a big game for both teams. We both had high expectations and want to win some football games. It's going to be a good battle. It's going to be a good test when we come out and play them."

(on whether he is surprised to see Washington 0-2)
"I'm surprised we're both 0-2, really. Maybe a lot of people aren't. I expected to have a game won by now, at least. Both these teams are looking for something on Sunday, so, like I said, its going to be a battle on Sunday trying to fight for that one."

DT Travis Johnson

(on starting the season 0-2)
"I think we're all embarrassed to a point because we all want to be winners. We all work hard during the off-season to become winners. To start off 0-2, it's not what we expected, but we'll keep fighting and we'll get better."

(on whether the defensive line sees their problems on film)
"It always comes down assignment and technique. Were you were you were supposed to be? Were you not where you were supposed to be? How was your technique? Did it cause you to get in trouble? That's all of us across the board, forwards to backwards."

LB DeMeco Ryans

(on WRs having too much space to work in the secondary)
"It's just minor technique errors. Playing against (QB) Peyton Manning, he'll expose your weaknesses pretty quickly. If you make a minor technique error, he'll figure it out and expose it. We just have to be more sound in our basic technique."

(on some things not transferring from practice to the games)
"It's just a matter of us, as a whole, being focused when we go into the game and taking what we do on the practice field into the game, and just being comfortable with it and being confident in you abilities and your technique."

(on whether some players don't trust the defensive plan)
"I think it's going to come with being more confident, being confident with what you have done in practice and taking it and doing the same thing in the game, and just knowing that it will work."

T Ephraim Salaam

(on being moved up into the starting role)
"It's just going to work, preparing myself and going out there and doing a job."

(on stepping into the starting job after two games have been played)
"Just refocusing yourself, studying, going out and preparing to play. When you know you're not going to play you still have to prepare, but you just prepare differently. Now you know you have to play 70, 80 plays a game, how ever long it takes to come away with a victory, so you just prepare yourself and do a little scouting on the defense and get yourself prepared."

(on the need for a quality run game)
"In order for this offense to be successful, it's based on the run. You have to run the ball, and that opens up a lot of things they like to do down the field. So we definitely have an emphasis on running the ball and trying to get better upfront and technique-wise, just coming off the ball."

DE Anthony Weaver

(on how the defensive line can get more QB pressure)
"It's a number of things. (For) us upfront it is being the guy when you're one-on-one, single blocked. That is something that we have to be more consistent in. Blitzing, scheme, it's a number of different things, and we're going to be alright."

(on whether the lack of QB pressure so far shocks him)
"The thing I see is there has been pressure there. We ran into two Pro Bowl quarterbacks that are difficult to sack. (QB) Donovan (McNabb) is not just going to sit there and let you sack him. (QB) Peyton (Manning) is one of those guys that hardly gets sack throughout the year. We have to take that into account, stick with what we are doing, believe in what we are doing, and know that the sacks are going to come."

T Eric Winston

(on what his expectation for being active on Sunday)
"I hope. They haven't said much yet. Everyone has been saying, be ready. So I'm excited. I'm excited about the possibilities. I'm excited about the chance, hopefully. We have some good guys. You know (T) Ephraim (Salaam) is going to be playing great. (T) Zach (Wiegert) is going to continue playing great. I'm definitely going to be there and be ready. If they want to put me in I'll be excited and I'll be ready for it."

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