Tough Times

Tough Times

The loss to the Redskins was embarrassing and lopsided for Texans fans and players alike. Can Kubiak turn things around and get the team going in the right direction against a weakening Miami offense?

The loss to the Redskins over the weekend left a bitter taste in my mouth. I couldn't spit it out fast enough it was that bad. For a third week in a row, the defense coughed up close to 500 total net yards and made Brunell look like a pro-bowl quarterback. Brunell looked so good that he set the record for highest number of consecutive completions in a single game with 22.

The front four of the Texans defense looked totally inept of talent and drive. They could not stop the run nor could they put pressure on an aging and immobile Mark Brunell. The defensive coordinator Richard Smith must have been watching a different game than I was, being that there was only one obvious blitz in the game (which happened to be effective) and resulted in one of Brunell's few incomplete passes.

I have said it before and will say it again, blitz, blitz, blitz. The game plan obviously didn't consist of any pass rush or even any run blocking for that matter. I really hope that this coaching staff was not absolutely blind in thinking they could win without some kind of blitz package put together. Brunell was there for the taking and the Texans missed another obvious opportunity to be competitive.

The Texans' defense is en route to being one of the worst defenses in NFL history if they keep up at this pace. Something has to be changed; whatever it is needs to work. Some, maybe even most of the players on the defensive side of the ball would not start on other NFL teams. The season has already started and the possibility of changing the roster is limited but something has got to give. Kubiak stated on Monday that, "I don't anticipate any personnel changes. We're going to have to make some changes in what we do and how we do it. We're going to have to get better real fast." We are all hoping that things get better real fast but you have to make changes for it to happen.

The absence of the pass rush has affected the defense to the point of failure. Mario Williams has been a non-factor in every game this year. Coach Kubiak had some comments about Williams' performance on Sunday that were not very forgiving. Kubiak commented about Williams as saying, "I was just disappointed. I don't want to pin it in one area, but I was disappointed overall."

That being said about our number one draft pick this year is disappointing. I feel the progression of Williams should be seen on the field on a weekly basis but we haven't seen much. Whether this is due to the way in which they are using him on the field, or a result of questionable coaching, no one knows. The one thing we can do is keep the faith that the man, Kubiak does know and will get this show on the road to turning things around.

When Richard Smith came to the Texans and was given the title of defensive coordinator, he said his defense would be more aggressive than it has in the past. It's already week three and I haven't seen a glimpse of what he said it would be. The aggression seems to be lacking in large quantities and it's showing on the field.

Last year was a blunder all Texans fans would like to forget. Capers and Casserly screwed things up together for four long years and left a mess for Kubiak and the new coaching staff to clean up. I know that it is going to take considerable time to completely gel together and play like a playoff or championship team but is competition too much to ask for? Recommended Stories

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