David Carr - Q & A

David Carr - Q & A

Find out what Texans QB David Carr belives is holding the Texans back from their first win, and what he is expected from the Miami Dolphins in the Texans next challenge.

Q:  What will make a difference this week?
Carr:  I think if we can run the ball, just like every week, if we can run the ball a little bit.  Eliminate the pre-snap penalties.  We're going to be fine.  It's just a matter of the old word, execution.  You know, getting the snap, not jumping off sides, not having stupid holding calls.  Then we can move the ball outside, and we just have to establish a little bit of a running game and we'll be alright.

Q:  Can the offense be effective without a running game?
Carr:  We're going to try.  Me and (WR) Andre Johnson and (WR) Eric Moulds and all those guys, we're going to give out best effort outside.  We're going to be able to make plays.  It's just a matter of how many are we going to be able to make if we can't get a running game established. That's why you have to.  You have to try and go in and do it.

Q:  What distinguishes this team from prior years?
Carr:  Confidence. Just walking around here, going out to practice, I feel good every time I go out there on Sunday.  I feel like we can win every game.  It just so happens that we haven't.  That's the biggest thing, there's really no doubt in my mind when we go out on the field that we can win the game. It just so happens that we haven't done it yet.

Q:  What has stalled the success the team has seen on both opening drives in Reliant?
Carr:  Nothing too bad during the play, except that we haven't run the ball as much we would like to, as well as we would like to, as well as Coach Kubiak would like to.  Pre-snap penalties, just dumb plays that first year teams make, that we shouldn't make.

Q:  Why have the positives of the opening drives not carried over to other drives?
Carr:  I don't know.  That's something we're going to have to look at.  I think, obviously, we feel pretty good coming into the game.  We know what we're doing, but just for some reason, whether it be, actually I don't know, just for some reason or another, we are not doing the easy things, the things that you really don't think about, the subconscious things, the things before the play.  Lining up in the right spots, jumping off sides, not getting the snaps; those things are easily correctable.  We could take 1,000 snaps in a row right here and we'd get them.  Sometimes when you go out on the field you have to make sure you're focused on all those little things.

Q:  Is the opening drive scripted?
Carr:  Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don't.  I think, Coach Kubiak, whether we do or not, has a pretty good idea of he's going to run, and he'll talk to me about it. Yeah, we do move the ball pretty good at the beginning.  We just have to find a way to keep it going.

Q:  Do you feel like the team is not making good adjustments?
Carr:  I think we adjust pretty good. I think through the entire first three games Coach Kubiak has done a good job as far as getting (WRs) Andre Johnson and Eric Moulds the ball when they need it, and mixing it up with the run.  We just haven't done it effectively enough. We haven't had two or three series in a row where we go down and score, which we're capable of doing.

Q:  What do you think about Dolphins LB Zach Thomas?
Carr:  Zach , I think, plays better than anyone I have ever been around.  I played in games where he called out the play we were running at the line of scrimmage before we even run it.  Zach will be looking for you when you come out here.  He's always fun to play against.  They have good team.  They have a very effective defense. The last ten years, they have been in the top five every year. We have our work cut out for us.

Q:  How important is it to you to get the first win?
Carr:  There are not too many teams that are 0-3 right, and they probably don't feel too about themselves.  Nor do we.  The nice thing about that is we have a chance to fix that on Sunday.  Really if you try to dwell on the past three games, you're probably going to do the same thing.  If you focus on just getting this 'W', going into a bye-week we have time off after this, so even more than any other time we should everyone's best effort.

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