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Texans DE Antwaan Peek is out this week against Miami. Find out what Head Coach Gary Kubiak has to say about Peek, Culpepper, and the Texans defense.

Q:  What injuries are going to affect the Texans this week against Miami?
Gary Kubiak:  "The question today was going to be DE Antwan Peek and how much he did. And it didn't look like he did very much. So I'd say chances are it doesn't look like he's going to be ready to go. And then C Mike Flanagan, we really held Mike today we'll check tomorrow. That's it."

Q:  How does it hurt the team for DE Antwan Peek to be out this week?
Kubiak:  "That's what he does best, rush the passer. But, he's banged up and there's nothing we can do about that. So we have to proceed as if he's not going to be there. Maybe something good will happen tomorrow. Maybe he'll be out here and do something good and change our minds."

Q:  What is the mood around the team?
Kubiak:  "I would think that it's about a 0-3 atmosphere. Everybody around here needs a ‘W'. You guys need one. I need one. The players need one. But they're working hard. They've got their chins up. They're busting their tail and they're doing everything they can to get it."

Q:  Could you comment on Dolphins QB Daunte Culpepper?
Kubiak:  "Well you know he's coming off his knee. That's a major, major thing. I think it's amazing that he made it back as quick as he did. I think he's a tremendous player. He plays with courage. He'll sit in the pocket and take a lot of hits to make plays for his team. I've always had a lot of respect for him."

Q:  What are defensive coordinator Richard Smith's feelings?
Kubiak:  "That's part of our business. It's not very good what's going on over there right now. We've got to find a way to fix it and you know, we're all in it together. It's not just Richard; I'm sure he shares the biggest responsibility being a coordinator, but it's got all of us as coaches starting with me and all of our players. You don't gripe about it, you find a way to fix it. Richard's a standup man and he's busting his tail to try to fix it."

Q:  Could you comment on Culpepper being sacked more than any QB?
Kubiak:  "I think some of that is because he has so much confidence in his playmaking ability. He'll stay in there and hold the ball until the last minute to try to let some things happen. He's played that way in his career. But the thing about him when he's had sacks, he'll come back on 3rd and 20 and make a play, or 2nd and 20 and get his team back on first down. He's a courageous player and along with that sometimes comes a few extra sacks."

Q:  How about QB David Carr's ratings so far this season?
Kubiak:  "I don't think you can lose sight that he's done some good things. But some things that happened to him that cost us football games, too. Those are the things we've got to correct first. David's heading in the right direction, as a player he's getting better. But like we said from the start just getting better sometimes isn't always the answer. You've got to go to great pretty quick. And we're trying to get David to be one of the top quarterbacks in this league and that's not about the rating that's about what you can do for your team. So that's where were at."

Q:  What do you think about Culpepper and WR Randy Moss (pictured right) not being able to perform without one another?
Kubiak:  "I think it just tell you that this is a team sport. It doesn't matter, you can name all the individuals that you want on a football team. But if the group is not a good football team that doesn't operates together then it really doesn't matter. You look around this league and it takes everybody to win, not just one or two players."

Q:  Could you comment on Dolphins LB Zach Thomas?
Kubiak:  "I have so much respect. I've known him since he was in college. When I coached at (Texas) A&M I coached against him a couple of years. I always tease with him about that when I see him. They said he wasn't big enough. They said he wasn't fast enough. And he's probably been one of the top two or three Mike linebackers in pro football throughout his career. He continues to do so. He's a pro and you can't have enough guys like him on their team. And their team starts with him and (DE Jason) Taylor. If you don't play hard when you play with them they'll throw you out and that's why they are what they are." Recommended Stories

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