Kubiak's Monday Q&A

Kubiak's Monday Q&A

Head Coach Gary Kubiak meets with Houston media Monday afternoons. Find out what was done differently this week by the Texans as they improve their record to 1-3.

(on bye week schedule)
"We're going to practice Tuesday morning. We're going to come in here pretty early and go at it pretty hard. Then our players will be off Wednesday through Sunday. They'll be back Monday for a head-start on Dallas. And then we'll take our normal Tuesday off, though. We're going to give them a break, mentally, physically. We, as coaches, what we are going to do is evaluate ourselves right now, that's what we're going to spend the next day and a half, two days doing. Really evaluate where we are at with our people and our group and then get a head start on Dallas."

(on evaluating themselves as coaches)
"We're going to spend the evening tonight and tomorrow. Starting tomorrow with our self-scout, we're going to go back and take our four games and evaluate what we're doing and how we're doing it and who is doing it, what direction we think we need to head as a football team throughout those next twelve weeks. Just really do a self-evaluation of ourselves as a football team."

(on DE Mario Williams' change)
"I think the thing that was impressive Sunday was our team's energy and our team's effort; it was at a different level than it had been. It was at a different level when we came out of the locker room in the third quarter. We kind of scripted some things for Mario, what I mean is, we said we want to see three of these moves in a game. We did some things for him from a script standpoint and I think it helped him. I think it gave him a little confidence in what was going on and there was some pressure around him to help him do his job. But I liked the way he chased the ball, he made some plays downfield, the two-point play, his effort just to put that hand out to tip that ball is a difference from us having to go to overtime or not. He did some good stuff."

(on Mario Williams dropping into coverage)
"Yeah. We ran some zone dogs where he was dropping his face, those type of things. I think he recognized what was going on when he started chasing the ball and just reacted and put his hand out there. But it's just, his effort down the field as well as everybody's was much better in the game."

(on his position not usually dropping into coverage in the zone )
"He's part of some of our zone schemes. You try to do that defensively. A lot of teams will turn their protection to a certain player to try to get help, and I think some people will have to pay special attention to him in some of the things he can do when he's zone-dogging.  Then you drop him off and now you've got teams turning toward him and you're bringing pressure to the other way. That was something (defensive coordinator) Richard (Smith) did in the game that was effective. It had a lot to do with our sacks."

(on the wide receivers)
"Yeah, there was a time there in the offseason where I was very nervous about where we were heading with our receiver situation.  I'm very excited about Edell Shepherd.  He made a couple nice plays yesterday; he's getting better as a returner.  Derrick Lewis had a fine preseason.  So you have to be willing to take some chances.  We took a big chance in the offseason with some of the wide receivers we let go, but I really think this group has a chance to be a good group."

(on whether the other receivers had taken some coverage from Andre Johnson)
"Oh, he's getting the attention.  I can tell you that right now.  Its hard to get him the ball right now because of some of the things that they are doing.  The thing I have been impressed with Andre is he moves for us to get him the football.  People are too good in this league and if you sit at one spot they're going to find a way to take you away.  Sunday we had him inside, we had him outside, we had him right, we had him left, we had him all over the place formation-wise, and he's handled that.  He's become more of a pro from a study standpoint.  When I watch him work, and as a coach that is the only way you can feed those guys is if you move them around, and so I've been impressed with how he's handled that."

(on WR Andre Johnson compared to talented receivers he has worked/played with)
"Well, I have only been in one place, but I think he has a chance to be as good as there is in football.  He's big, he's very fast, he's strong, and he is dynamic with the ball once it gets in his hands.  I think he has a tremendous opportunity.  He's fun to work with everyday.  I was with Jerry Rice for one year. This kid practices like Jerry Rice used to practice, and that's a very big compliment.  I think that makes him what he is because the kid really works at his trade.  He loves to play.  I just like the direction he's heading."

(on the running game)
"One of the big things for us offensively is we get going is we've got to find a way to run the ball better. We did not run the ball well Sunday. One thing we did do is we kept running the ball and it kept our defense off the field.  It also made our third downs more manageable. But we've got to find a way to run the ball better. We have to do a better job up front.

(on having 33 rushes when the running game wasn't going well)
"It is very difficult as play caller to continue to run the ball if you know you're not running it well  That is very hard to do because human nature says ‘well, let's just start throwing it'. If we don't commit to the run and make some third downs then we're leaving our defense on the field too long.  There was a conscious effort to run the football yesterday.  It wasn't good enough, but it did have a big effect on the outcome of the football game because our defense was rested and we found a way to make some big third downs.  I think our third downs were more manageable Sunday than they have been"

(on whether there were some lanes that the rushers missed)
"We saw a few.  We saw a few, but we have to do a better job on the line of scrimmage.  They are a very stout football team against the run.  You guys noticed, we went to a different scheme yesterday.  We played 80% of the game with three wide receivers on the field.  We tried to spread them out to create some running lanes for us.  We felt like there were some there, but at the same time we felt like at the line of scrimmage we just have got to get better.  So we're going to do what we got to do to try to move the ball.  We felt like it was important against that team to try to get their nickel on the field."

(on QB David Carr's fourth quarter play)
"I think he has taken on more responsibility.  Sunday he took some shots.  We busted some protections, none bigger than the third or fourth play of the game.  We bust protection and the kid gets killed.  A lot of people look at it and say, ‘David's going down again.'  Well, that's not the case.  It wasn't the kid's fault.  He's getting beat up, and he's getting up off the turf.  To do what he did in the fourth quarter against an excellent football team when he was continuing to take some shots shows some signs of really growing up as a player."

(on the defense's last drives)
"We were doing the same things, we were aggressive. I think we dialed up 36 or 38 blitzes in the game. That's an enormous amount of pressure on a quarterback.  And that's putting a lot of pressure on your secondary, but we wanted to send that message to our players. We told them that going into the game that we were going to be very aggressive, and we didn't stop doing it on those two drives.


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