Locker Room Q&As

Locker Room Q&As

Find out if Lundy is ready to take the ball again, will Wong start this week, and is Petey feeling the pressure to return from his teammates...

QB David Carr

Q:  Is Jacksonville a rival to you?
A:  "I think so, just because we play them twice a year.  And we play Indy twice a year, but we haven't been quite as  close.  I had a chance to lose some big games against those guys.  They have a bad taste in their mouth and we feel the same too."

Q:  What do you think about playing the Jaguars on Battle Red Day again?
A:  "It just seems like the fans and us, they take it to another level when we play this team for whatever reason.  Maybe it's because we beat them in here one year on the last play of the game and we beat them out there when they were trying to make a playoff run.  It just so happens that there have been some big games the last few years when we met."

Q:  Will you be glad to have Demarcus Faggins and Kailee Wong back this week?
A:  "It's nice seeing them out there, and hopefully getting them out to practice there this week.  Those two guys have been players for us here in the past so we know what they can do.  I'm confident in their abilities so to get them back out there is going to be a plus."

Q:  Why has the team struggled with the pass or run at different times?
A:  "Obviously, it kind of stands out.  You have some good days, you have some descent days throwing the ball and then you have some off days running the football.  It's kind of hit and miss.  It makes it tough as an offense because you do in this league have to be balanced.  You have to have to try as much as you can to…you can't be one dimensional especially against a team like this."

CB Demarcus Faggins

Q:  Has the team looked at you to make an impact with your return?
A:  "They have been telling me all week and all last week that they can't wait for me to get back.  I'll say right now, I just have to get back and get in and do my thing, just get in there and help the team win."

Q:  How much do you think you were missed?
A:  "For me looking in, I would say that the guys that were out there, they were doing pretty good.  They did what they were supposed to do.  I'm just looking at coming in and adding a little bit to what we have right now."

Q:  How difficult has it been being sidelined with injury?
A:  "It's been hard, watching us lose, watching plays being made, and then not being out there.  I just want to be out there.  Win or lose, I want to be out there to try to give us a chance, a little extra advantage."

Q:  Talk about getting hurt so early in the season.
A:  "Yeah, the first day of camp, If felt I came in and was playing pretty good.  Coming in from the OTAs and coming from what the coach has been telling me. It's been hard. Right now the mindset is just coming back in and just continuing to get better.

RB Wali Lundy

Q:  Do you feel like your return will revive the running game?
A:  "Like I said, one man can't do it all.  I feel like I can make some things happen, but it's going to be a whole offensive effort."

Q:  What has it been like watching these past few weeks?
A:  "Well, it was kind of good and bad.  It was good to just sit back and watch what the defenses were doing, see how the game was played, sitting back.  But as a competitor you always want to play and be out on the field."

Q: Was it harder to watch while the running game struggled?
A:  "Yeah, because you always feel like as a competitor you can get out there and make something happen on your own, but like I said before it's not a one-man game.  It's going to take the whole offense to get this thing going."

Q:  Are you excited about getting a chance to possibly play again?
A:  "I'm definitely looking forward to the opportunity.  Hopefully I'll take it and run with it."

LB Kailee Wong

Q:  How quickly do you feel you can get back up to speed?
A:  "I know what to do; it is just a matter of me going out there and doing it full speed.  As far as the scheme, I understand what to do.  I understand how the defense works; I understand all that stuff.  It's just can I go out there and execute my technique and get the job done."

Q:  What do you think about playing SLB after working in a 3-4?
A:  "I had a lot of fun playing sam linebacker in the 4-3 (at Minnesota).  Actually a lot of my outside linebacker play is very similar to what you do when you're on the line of scrimmage, so with that being said, I don't anticipate any hard transitions for myself."

Q:  How do you feel after coming back from your longest time away from football?
A:  "It was real hard; there was no doubt about it.  It's what we love to do; guys that play football; this is what we love to do.  We're kind of gluttons for punishment, but with that being said I really missed it.  I missed being out there with my teammates." Recommended Stories

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