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The Texans Head Coach talks about his thoughts on facing Jacksonville for the second time this season.

(on new red practice jerseys) "We just switched colors the second half (of the season) that's it. Everybody's name out here is Texans today, but there is no significance. I didn't have anything to do with it. (Director of equipment services) Jay (Brunetti) just said, ‘We're going to switch jerseys for the second half of practice."

(on the players earning their names after a win) "No, they're battling fine we just changed colors. I didn't make a big deal out of it, but they sure did. Evidently they'd never done it before so it's started to be something to do, switch. Sorry to ruin your story but nothing to it."

(on where he would like T Eric Winston to take the next step) "Before this year is out he's going to play a lot of football at some point. (T) Ephraim Salaam is basically, barely could walk during the week, and is playing for us. If he's playing well and can hold up he's going to play but there's going to be a point where Eric is going to go out there and get a lot of snaps. (It's) game day every day for Eric out here, he takes every snap of offense and he takes scout team. He plays left, he plays right. He's going through about three seasons so it's going to be very beneficial for him."

(on best long term fit for Winston) "I really don't know. You don't know until he starts playing. Eric battles the fact that he's not long, arm-wise and stuff, but technique-wise he's very, very good. Time will tell, he'll let you know which side he can play from that standpoint when he gets out there and gets some reps against a real quality player."

(on potential to be a guard) "I think he could play anywhere to be honest with you because he's very smart. I think he could play all over the line, he can run that's what we really like about him. It gives you a lot of flexibility, but at the same time we'll see as he gets the real reps out there."

(on differences between QBs David Garrard and Byron Leftwich) "David, to me I think I mentioned Monday, he was one of the most sought-after players in the off-season, everybody was calling them wondering if he was available. (He's) very well thought of, I think he's 4-1 in his five starts this year. He can move, makes a lot of plays with his feet. It's obvious their team responds to him because they have played so well when he's played in these past few (and that's) a great indicator. If you're a quarterback and you're going to Philly with your football team and you find a way to win it tells you what he's made of. He's very well respected. Our guys know him, you all played against him here last year if I recall he started that game. But he's going to do a few different things."

(on advantages and disadvantages on playing a team so quickly) "When it's a division like that you know each other so well. you game-plan a little bit, but the bottom line is you know each other and you're very familiar when you go back to work from a practice standpoint. Probably that's a positive this time a year because everybody's so beat up and they know what's going on it's just a matter of us getting ready to play with what we want to do game plan-wise and go and turn it lose."

(on team attitude because of success against Jacksonville) "They've been the same with me. I like the way they prepare and the way they practice. We've had some big games with this football team, but right now there's probably nobody in the NFL playing better than this group at home. If you look at their last three home games I want to say differential is like 87-7. They've been giving up 2.3 points per game at home over that three game home span. They have been dominant at their place so we'll have to play as good as we can play."

(on LB Kailee Wong) "I feel much better. I'm glad we did what we did last week. It was hard he wanted to be out there, that's the type of competitor that he is. But we wanted to make sure that we're doing right by him and feel much better watching him work today. I think we did the right thing last week."

(on big receiving corps) "Very big physical guys; they throw a lot of jump ball type things and under-throw go routes and those type of things are hard, if you come up and bump them a lot of times they're going to throw you down and you're going to have some problems. They present some problems for you from that standpoint, but our guys are playing pretty good out there. Since (CB) DeMarcus Faggins has come back we've gained confidence on the back end and we're playing pretty good on the back end."

(on WR Matt   Jones' return) "He just balances them out to me. He gives them big people all over the place. They can spread you out and they can get those big guys everywhere. That one tight end George Wrightster is starting to play real well for them, he made a big play for them the other day. So they've got a lot of weapons. They're a very solid football team and they're playing extremely well behind Garrard right now."

(on running game) "That's our best opportunity to win is when we run the ball effectively because it gives us some more opportunities to do some other things. And we did there for a couple of weeks, we did not run it well last week I thought we could have ran it better. But especially against this group as big and physical as they are and at their place if you got to draw back too much-that's not the type of football game you want to be in against them."

(on not being able to throw the ball and therefore opening up running game) "That's been my experience, when you run the football well you're able to play action and you get some time to stretch the field. Some of our problems in protection have come when we've sat back there too long and if we feel like we can throw the three and five step drop more effectively and David's more effective when we get the ball going. I feel good about that but in this league it's very difficult. We had an eighteen-play drive the other day and you're not going to do that very consistently so you've got to find a way to get a few big plays and we had a couple of chances last week to make a few big plays and we didn't  make them. So we'll keep pushing toward it."

(on familiarity between team causing for new changes) "We've got to do something different. We're three weeks removed from each other; they'll be different just because their quarterback's different. We'll have to do something different, we've been different pretty much every week with what we're doing game plan wise. Knowing players and all that stuff is easy for these two football teams, but I'm sure scheme-wise we'll all be different, somehow someway."

(on Texans owner Bob McNair surprised at his decisiveness) "That's my job. I've got to make those decisions and do what's best for the football team and I've got o evaluate each player and think how I can get that guy to play the best football. I've been around some quarterbacks and to be honest with you I'm having fun working with this one because I think he's got a ton of ability. But it's an every day battle, there are a lot of habits we've got to break and he's working. I like the way he's working, we're trying to break a few today. We're not going to rest until that is consistent from that standpoint."

(on knowing early that he would be decisive) "I don't know. I'm just coaching trying to find a way to get a ‘W', that's all I know. You've got to make tough decisions day to day doing this. I can sit here and tell you that I knew that, but I'm learning that every day that I come out here. We've got nowhere we're heading and there can't be any indecision or hanging on the fence, sort of speak. You've got to make a decision (and) you've got to go to work."

(on several players being sick) "(T) Travis Johnson's sick, (T) Anthony Maddox is sick, and (DE) Mario Williams is sick. They're home and ill. (Head athletic trainer) Kevin (Bastin) talked to the Giants and they've got, I want to say, seven or eight players that have a virus or something. We had a couple of guys get sick at practice (Wednesday). I guess we have a little thing going around and hopefully we can get through hat this week, but we're missing a few players."

(on concern going into Sunday's game) "It concerns you because you've got to keep going and we don't have many guys in this league and we had a tough time practicing today because we only had six defensive linemen for practice and that's unheard of in this league. We've got to do everything we can this week to get those guys feeling well and ready to go."

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