Coach's Corner: Week 10

Coach's Corner: Week 10

Did Richard Smith change the Texans defense so CB Dunta Robinson would cover Buffalos WR Lee Evans?

Texans Defensive Coordinator

 Richard Smith



(on whether he switched the defense so that CB Dunta Robinson would cover Buffalo WR Lee Evans)  "No, no, no.  We rolled to him, and rolled to his face after the two big plays against us.  The first one we got beat on what we call a stutter-go, which was a technique, fundamental mistake.  Next time wasn't, so then we switched." 

(on CB Dunta Robinson's interception for a touchdown)  "That was a nice break on the ball, a nice route out of Dunta.  And he made a great play on the ball." 

(on the frustration of the defense playing well, but not on the last drive)  "Well, you know when we came in at halftime and talked to our players.  (We said,) ‘Hey, they may have a few points on us, but let's come out in the second half and just shut them out.'  And our guys responded pretty well.  If you look at the last two series going into halftime, there were two three-and-outs.  We tried to emphasis the positive rather than the negative.  And we cam out and we preformed well until that last series, the last drive.  Give credit to Buffalo; they did a nice job there.  We have to continue to work on and get better."


Texans CB

Demarcus Faggins


(on recovering from Buffalo WR Lee Evan's two long touchdown catches) "As a DB, you've got to forget quickly, so I didn't worry about it too much. I just had to keep coming, keep playing, keep working hard." 

(on Evans' two touchdown catches) "The two long passes were on me. Unfortunately, I wasn't there to make those plays. They just got it and ran deep. They just went straight down the field and lobbed it down there to see who would make the play. Unfortunately, he (Evans) made the play." 

(on how he responded after Evans' catches) "It was tough on me. I wasn't really expecting that, but I knew he had speed. I just knew to keep my technique. Those were the only two plays I really got beat on. Later in the game, I made a few plays." 

(on the touchdown play at the end of the game) "He ran some kind of seam route, and (Losman) just threw the ball in there. It was a great throw and a great catch." 

(on the toughness of the loss) "Every loss hurts. No matter how you lose, it hurts." 

(on defensive play up to last drive) "Those first two plays were really all they had. Through most of the game, we were stopping them the whole time. We turned it up a little bit. Unfortunately, we didn't step up at the end of the game and make that play." Recommended Stories

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