What Happens Now?

Texans win last two games and improve three fold over last year. Kubiak seemingly has the Texans on the road to improvement and possibly a playoff berth in the coming years.

The Texans end on a high note winning the last two games of the season defeating the Colts for the first time ever in team history and taking back the confidence they lost to Cleveland in the disappointing 2004 campaign.


Will the Texans go into the off-season with some confidence to come back and play hard?  I believe they will and should. They beat an Indy team that did not lay down for them. The Texans earned that win and should get the respect and pat on the back they deserve. They went into that game with a game plan and executed it perfectly. The defense could have allowed a few less points but nonetheless I am very proud of the job they did. The offense came out ready to run it down their throat and they did.  

The win over the Browns was a statement game much like the week before against the Colts. The Browns stole something from the Texans that dreadful last game of the 2004 season. With the two consecutive wins against teams they needed to win against should prove something to themselves and to the fans.  

The season is over and questions have been arising that the fans want answered. 

The question everyone here in Houston has on their mind is "What Happens now?" That's the same question I am asking and will wonder about till the next preseason starts.  

There are a lot of rumors, stories and speculation out there about the Texans organization and what will be happening in the off-season. 

*What will happen to David Carr? Will he be cut, traded, demoted or just plain run out of town by a gathering

  of Carr haters with lit torches and sharp tools? 

*What's really going on with Domanick Dav…. Oh sorry… Domanick Williams? 

*What's the outlook for left tackle Charles Spencer? We have heard his career might be in jeopardy from what       his doctors say. 

*Will all of the 17 players on the injured reserve list be healthy to play next year? 

*Who will they pick in the upcoming 2007 NFL Draft? 

These are just a few of the questions fans have and want to know more about. Most will be answered in due time but there are a few that we will go blindly into the season with once again. Hopefully we wont be disappointed this time.

In the upcoming weeks I will report about all these questions and hopefully have a straight answer on the outlook of the team going into the upcoming 2007 NFL season.

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