Talking Bulman (Part Two)

Tim Bulman (Getty Images) contributor Aaron de Oliviera sits down with Texans defensive tackle Tim Bulman and finds out plenty about the Texans unheralded future star. In part two, we hear how things are going for him as a Texan.

Bulman seems to be coming into his own as he has shined in the Texans OTAs. He told me the best part of the work he's getting with the starters is getting in sync with the front seven. Hearing DeMeco Ryans voice making the line calls, Working out signals with Amobi (Okoye) on stunts. Bulman plays up and down the line rushing the passer and dropping back in coverage. I couldn't get him to say much, but he dropped little hints at how aggressive the Texans defense is going to be this year.

Tim Bulman is always looking for every edge. This offseason he went to his friend Joel Dreessen and learned to long snap. He practiced with Dressen every day after workouts. Eventually, he caught Joe Marciano's eye. Marciano told him to be ready to be a back up long snapper. Having another skill can only help an NFL player as they struggle to beat the odds and last in the league more than the average tenure of 3.4 years.

Big Jeff, as he's not so affectionately known, Texans defensive line coach Jethro Franklin gets under everyone's skin. He has a special way of getting under Tim Bulman's. There's a sign in the Texans locker room for all the defensive linemen to see. "Hard Work Beats Talent. Talent Doesn't Work Hard." Anytime Bulman makes a play, Jethro is calling out "See, hard work beats talent." Bulman always toys with Franklin and asks him if he thinks he's a talented player. Frank Bush has seen how talented Bulman is since his days at Arizona. Bush has been one of Bulman's coaches every year he has been in the NFL.

Bulman's locker is between Amobi Okoye and Dan Stevenson. To get ready for games he listens to everything from Cold Play to Metallica, and his tastes cover everything from classics to Eminem. Bulman rides the swell until he's ready to knock someone in the mouth.

When he's off the field, Bulman likes to hang out and kick back. He's a city boy that wants a yard in the city big enough to play in. He's got a girlfriend in Boston with her own successful career, and she comes to games when she can. His mother makes the best clam chowder in all of New England (according to Tim). His brother Andrew set the J.C.L.A. record with a 667 lbs bench press. Kasey Studdard went up against Andrew on the field and has respect for both Bulmans' strength.

Jeremy Trueblood, the right tackle for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is his closest friend in the league, as they were roommates at Boston College. They train together in the offseason. They battle it out in Halo together. Bulman said that several Texans and even NFL players are Halo players. They get together for big shootouts from time to time.

As we headed out of the restaurant after the interview, I could plainly see that Tim Bulman has a future with the Texans. He's a player in the mold of his fellow BC alum Chris Hovan-- a disruptive high motor player who never stops. "He's going to be hard to keep off the field."

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