Johnson's Groin: A Big Story

Andre Johnson (Getty Images)

The Texans fans and coaching staff collectively held their breath when Pro Bowl wide receiver Andre Johnson went down with a groin injury. Johnson's groin was the big news from Texans camp Saturday morning.

"A groan came over everybody," said Texans head coach Gary Kubiak. "Nobody wants to see him gimping around. Like I said, we'll get in there and get him looked at and we'll keep our fingers crossed and hopefully its nothing."

The Texans star receiver doesn't believe that fans should worry—

"No, (it's) nothing serious. I didn't tear anything or anything like that. It's hot out here. Sometimes those things happen. You have little tweaks and stuff like that Other than that, I'm fine. It's no big deal. I didn't tear anything I slowed down actually when I felt it tighten up on me. That was a good thing. Other than that, I don't think it will be a problem."

Although the Texans have more depth than ever, Johnson is still an integral part of their offense. The team won just two of seven games without him a season ago.

Andre Johnson (Pat Sullivan/AP)
"Well, you know I missed a lot of time last year," Johnson admitted. "I don't want to see myself go down."

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak heart appeared to skip a few beats when Johnson hit the turf.

"That's the worst nightmare for a coach," Kubiak said. "Any player going down, but a guy like him getting hurt its part of football, unfortunately, and there's not a play that you don't hold your breath in all honesty. You just got to keep pushing through and hope for the best and hopefully it's our time to stay healthy. We've been pretty fortunate through this camp; we've been pretty darn good. Keep our fingers crossed with him and see what happens."

Former Broncos running back Mike Bell was signed with the hopes of resurrecting his career in Alex Gibbs very familiar zone-blocking scheme. With Chris Brown missing the entire first week of practice for Houston, the door seems to be wide open for Bell to impress. Unfortunately, it may not be meant to be as Bell went down with an injury, and drew some criticism from his new, old coach—

"He's got a little hamstring problem. To be honest with you he's not in the shape the rest of our football team is and we found that out real fast. He got gassed the first night he was out here, he got gassed earlier today, and he's not up with our team. Unfortunately, that's what happens when you bring guys in the middle of camp or stuff, if they're not in excellent shape; they get exposed in a way very, very quick. I just don't think he was in very good condition."

Aside from the injuries, Gary Kubiak likes where his team is at and the direction they are heading.

"I think we're mentally tougher football team," Kubiak told reporters. "I think we're getting physically tougher. We still have to continue to reach another level. We're trying to harden up our football team a little bit on both sides of the ball. We think that something we can definitely improve upon and I think we're headed in the right direction from that standpoint."

Although Kubiak is high on his group, he wouldn't point out one particular unit that is impressing him more than another—

"There have been many. It would be hard for me to put a finger on one of them. When you go into the first week of training camp, players have a lot to prove to each other. I think you walk out of here today and the guys kind of know, they know who they can count on, they know who was in shape and who was ready to go, and I think if you look at the overall group and I think that has kind of happened. I don't want to pinpoint one group or one player; I think it's been a group effort."

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