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Texans head coach Gary Kubiak talks to the media about planning for Saturday night's preseason tilt against Denver, the surprising play of cornerback Jamar Fletcher, and Andre Johnson's health.

"It was good," Kubiak told reporters when asked about how Wednesday's practice went. "We had a lot of situations we had to cover. As you get closer to game time there's so many things as a coach that you've got to get covered. Situations, organizations, sidelines; we took some time this morning to do that. That slows practice down usually and that's my fault from a tempo standpoint. But we got it done and we'll settle down here and do a little Denver stuff here the rest of the week."

The Texans head coach downplayed the perceived rivalry with the Broncos—

"You got me on that one. Teams are teams whoever you play. Just get to see some old friends, guys you work with for a long time. But yeah, I would say three years later I have moved on. We've got a lot of things to worry about. It just so happens that we're playing some buddies this weekend."

Some of the stars of the Texans early practice session were cornerbacks Jamar Fletcher and DeMarcus Faggins. Gary Kubiak confirmed their fine play—

"They really have (played well). (CB Jamar) Fletcher has had a surprising camp in my opinion. He has comeback a real pro and ready to go. He's earning his way on this football team right now. (DeMarcus Faggins) has been back now for about three practices and seems to be okay health wise. It's going to be some tough calls so those guys are going to have to play a lot, probably more than they have ever played in the career in the preseason as veterans. It's a tough group to make so they've got to step up and do it."

Although Faggins has been a solid contributor, Fletcher's camp has been a surprise to most.

"I just think he was disappointed last year," Kubiak said. "He made our team and he was playing a little bit early for the team. Kind of got to a situation where he didn't suit up some. I know he got upset, which you should if you're a player. That should bother you. He was not a big part of what we were doing late in the season. A lot of guys can go south in those type of situations. But what he did was rededicate himself, get his mind right, and he's had an excellent camp.

"He's just making plays. (CB Jamar) Fletcher knows what he's doing. He's a real pro but he's making more plays on the ball. He's finding ways to get his hands on the ball and playing a lot of spots too."

Fletcher is playing so well that he may even be able to crack the Texans starting lineup, especially with Dunta Robinson likely to begin the season on the PUP list.

"I think he's making a heck of a push," said Fletcher's head coach. "Right now in nickel he would go inside there if (CB) Fred (Bennet) had to stay outside and do a heck of a job. You're going to play three, four, or five cornerbacks on any given game day. You can list two starters but hell, those guys play. So he's pushing to get a lot of playing time."

The primary injury concern in Texans camp is certainly Andre Johnson's groin. Coach Kubiak gave an update—

"He's better. I would say if we were playing a regular season game this week we'd be pushing him. And I think it would be close whether or not he could play. Since we're in the situation we're in, in preseason, we'll be extra cautious with him. He's conditioning with (head athletic trainer) Kevin (Bastin) right now and hopefully we get him back to work next week."

When asked if Johnson will play this Saturday, Kubiak was a little more forthcoming—

"As of right now we think there'll be a very slim chance that he'll play."

Johnson gave his own injury update—

"I mean, you don't want to come back too early and then pull it or make it worse. I am getting massages on it, and like I said just taking it one day at a time and doing a lot of rehab to make sure that when I come back I am at full strength."

Johnson was reluctant to give a timetable on his return—

"You just try to take it day by day. I am in a pool working out and doing things like that when I am not running on the field. It's getting better; it feels better than it felt yesterday. I ran a little bit today, felt pretty good, and just taking it day by day."

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