Family Feud: Barber vs Barber

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Texans rookie Dominique Barber has an interesting opportunity to take part in the rivalry between the Texans and Cowboys Friday night. What makes it more interesting is that the rivalry for Barber goes back as long as he does, as he will play against his brother Marion for the first time.

For two teams with very little history of playing against one another, the rivalry between the Texans and Cowboys is a very real one. The Texans don't have the history or the enormous national following as their neighbors to the west, but don't tell that to their fans. Head coach Gary Kubiak made some of the young players aware of what Friday night's game means—

"We've got some of our younger kids from here. Of course (DT Frank) Okam is from the Dallas area. So I think those guys know. (FS Dominique) Barber has got his brother. I was just teasing him in front of the team about his brother. So I think they kind of know. It will be a nice stage. I like our preseason; we've played in a couple of places where the environment has been real. I thought it was very good in New Orleans that night. I'm sure it will be loud in Dallas this Friday. It's been good for our team as we get ready for the season."

According to the depth chart, Barber and Barber likely won't see the field together, but if it happens, the younger Dominique will be looking forward to it.

"It would be a dream come true," said Dominique. "The fact that you're at the highest level of football and to be able to be on the field at the same time as my brother. I'd be speechless. It would be a dream come true, but I'd just go out there and play football."

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak was asked if he was going to put it Dominique early just to see some playing time with his brother, and he didn't rule it out.

"They were teasing him today," Kubiak said. "Coach Hoke told him, ‘Don't call your brother and give him the plays, but you don't know him anyway.'(laughs) No, it's got to be exciting for him. As a kid, I'm sure he looks up to his brother. His brother's a great player, and to be on the same field with him, I'm sure will be pretty special."

The brotherly love will end as soon as Marion gets the ball. Although Dominique doesn't relish the chance to lay his brother out, he won't let up at all.

"It would be cool but our relationship that we have, it's not about who beats up who," said the younger Barber. "He was never the type of guy to beat me up as the older brother. But if I could get a nice little lick on him, that would be nice."

Dominique spoke about what it means to their parents with both kids playing in the NFL—

"They are just, as my dad would put it, he's just happy to be here. He supports us, both my parents. We have great parents, they raised us right and they are proud of us. There's actually one more, he's only ten. We don't know where he is going to be at but we both think he's the athlete of the family."

Dominique has talked to his brother this week, as he does every day, and he's looking forward to seeing him Friday night.

"We talk everyday," Dominique told reporters. "Even if it's briefly, ‘hey, how ya doing? How's your body?' Just little things like that. We talk everyday and we have a great relationship and I'm excited to see him on Friday."

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