Texans Hope Williams Will Offer Lift

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Texans wide receiver Harry Williams, who injured his neck in Houston's preseason game with Dallas visited the team's practice Thursday, and his presence alone seemed to offer the team a lift.

"It's really good to see him out here," said Texans head coach Gary Kubiak. "I've been talking to him quite a bit and sounds great on the phone but looks even better in person. It's good to see him out. I know the fellas have been talking to him, same thing, it's good to see him walking around."

Williams walking is a miracle in itself, and the head coach talked about what his presence meant to the team.

"I know one thing, the guys that are out here and it's hot and they're sweating a little bit feeling sorry for themselves, it kind of makes you stop and think how lucky you are. We are down; we had a rough week last week. Trying to bounce back from that and looking at a guy like that, that would love to be out here with them, it kind of puts it in perspective."

Williams acknowledged in a statement that he may never play football again, but still felt lucky and thanked his legions of supporters.

"I'd just like to thank God and my teammates," Williams said. "I'd like to thank the fans. The fans have been great through the emails and Facebook and MySpace and all of that. I'd like to thank the nurses and the doctors; especially the doctors and the nurses; they took care of me a lot. I'd like to thank Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. Everybody has just been great and I just thank everybody for the support they have given me. Even throughout the years and especially throughout this time right now. I'm just happy to be back walking again. I might not be able to play football again, but one day I'll have family and kids and I'll be able to run with them. That's what I'm planning in my journal right now."

The progress that Williams has made in less than a month is nothing short of remarkable. The chilling, eerie feeling that everyone inside Texas Stadium and those watching on television received when witnessing Williams' injury can begin to be subsided by the sight and thoughts of Harry Williams walking once again.

"Yeah I'm coming to grips with everything," Williams told reporters. "You are still sad about the situation that you can't play football anymore, but at the same time you just have to look at the brighter part of life. You have to really think about what life is about. It's about God, family and helping other people. You know, I'm walking. When I was down there in Dallas, I couldn't walk. When I was down there on the field when the play happened, I couldn't walk; I couldn't feel anything. That was scary; I thought I was going to be paralyzed from the neck down. I'm happy to be walking. That's a big part of life to walk around be able to do the things you want to do. So, that's what I'm happy for and that's it."

Williams was happy to see his teammates at practice—

"It was great. It was real great. I was peaking through the fence for a minute and (media services coordinator) Zac (Emmons) came over and said this practice was closed (laughs). He was just playing but it felt real good. It brought a lot of memories back and to see these guys again and give them a little motivation for Sunday's game, if we play Sunday. Just tell them to take it one day at a time, just like I'm taking it one day at a time."

Williams spoke about his teammates reactions—

"They were like, ‘man we didn't even expect you to be walking.' Some of them were saying, ‘man, you're a miracle. It just happened like two weeks ago and you come out here walking.' Some people were like, ‘you just lost weight, you aren't buff like you used to be.' I was like, ‘hey I got to get back on those weights. When I get back on those weights I'm going to come holler at you."

When the Texans take the field to play against Baltimore Monday night, Williams will be in attendance. The Texans wide receiver said that the game served as motivation for him to work hard and get out of the hospital.

"Yeah, if we play Sunday I'll be there, or Monday. I'll be there," Williams said. "That's number one on my list. I was in therapy and people were asking, ‘why are you working, you're working so hard.' I was like, ‘I'm trying to get to the game. I'm trying to get out of here.' They released me yesterday and I was so happy."

Hopefully, Williams can have a good time with a Texans victory on Monday night.

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