What We Learned Against Miami

Andre Johnson (Dave Einsel/AP)

It's now time to compare how our keys to the game actually played out in the Texans thrilling 29-28 victory over the Miami Dolphins.

Five most important things for the Texans:

1. Get physical. The Texans ran the ball well, as they gained 114 yards on 27 carries.

2. Stop Ronnie Brown. Brown didn't beat up on Houston, as he gained just 50 yards on 13 carries with a long gain of just seven yards.

3. Block Joey. Porter was a big factor as he routinely beat Duane Brown and recorded three tackles and a sack.

4. Force Chad to throw outside the hash. The Dolphins quarterback did what he does best, which is throw early and over the middle.

5. Don't let the Colts beat you twice. The Texans responded to adversity in a big way as they came back and did what they couldn't do last week, which was record a last second victory.

What to look for:

1. Look for Steve Slaton to score. Slaton didn't find the end zone, but he did gain 58 yards on 15 carries.

2. Look for the Texans to take some shots deep. Houston had plenty of big plays down field, and Schaub completed two passes of 30 yards, and had a 61 yard pass to Andre Johnson.

3. Look for a big special teams play. Jacoby Jones served up a 70 yard punt return TD.

4. Look for a TD from Ricky Williams. Williams found the end zone once on a five-yard run.

5. Look for four combined turnovers. These teams combined for five turnovers, four that came from the Texans.

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